Tuesday, 2 October 2007

Last Chemo

Hopefully today is my last chemo! I will be back "inside" in a few hours .. will try to walk out for an hour b4 Barbara comes to get me.

I can't walk much in hospital, but I did double on Sunday this week, going out for a walk in the morning with B round Deep Hayes, which is a lovely space, and then up the back lane here with Sam in the afternoon. We then dranka gallon of cava so it wasn't the complete health farm effect!

Day Five - Saturday 29th Sept

Day 6 - Sunday 30th Sept

Day 7 - Monday October 1st


Anonymous said...

Hey look at you! Onwards, onwards!
AnneinBristol - currentlyinNorthDevon xx

suze said...

hey anne - good to hear from you .. .. I'm not walking at all today