Tuesday, 19 February 2008

Pink Bike

Pink bike out on the trail! snug-fit leggings cunningly concealled!

Sunday, 17 February 2008

1/2 term

Am starting to get over the sore back / hip / shoulder pain trauma .. and getting mobile again - tho my weight is now through the roof -- or through the floor with the pull of gravity on such a MASS!

Even when I was hardly eating anything during the chemo regime nausea my weight kept creeping up ~ my body is programmed to retain every calorie, obvisously, so regaining my appetite but not my mobility is taking immediate effect ..

Anyway, I have proudly BEEN SWIMMING a couple of times, once at Deganwy Quays Hotel and once @ my onw gym - Greens. Have also been to a Step class before the holiday and got out on my bike this weekend. I climbed the Great Orme while we were in Llandudno, so I feel I am getting back on the right track ...

no photos tho, new camera can't take the pounds off me, and these cycle leggings are cosy fit!