Thursday, 12 July 2012


Team Ventoux update ..

As some of  you may know my mate Mand suggested that she would cycle Ventoux with me this summer as an incentive to get me out of my post-op bed and onto my bike.  It is a worthy notion and I embraced the idea with pleasure.  So did her husband, Pete ... I think.  Actually I think there was not much pleasure or embrace in it, but he did agree to do it with us!

Obviously Brigid would do it and Sam said she would love to do it too and have it as a focus for her own health goals this summer.

We've all been training, each in our own way:  Pete by kicking his bike, and swearing a fair bit, the rest of us by more traditional methods.  I think we will all be able to get to Chalet Reynard.  I think at least one of us will be waiting there will the rest complete to to the very top ..but it is all good.  The rain has slowed us a bit, but I think it'll be good and now it is only a couple of weeks till we do it.

We decided that while we were doing it we could raise some money for The Douglas Macmillan Hospice.

You can sponsor us via this website, the money goes direct to the Dougie Mac: