Monday, 1 June 2009

june - one year on

Woo - it is now a year since my reversal operation - and thus a whole year since I last had a drop of alcohol .. cool ..

My weight loss has pretty much stalled -- a little over 4 stones -- I'd still like to lose another stone or two -- but hey, it's good and it'll be ok eitehr way ..

I've also been getting very strong on the bike - and my new target is to do Alpe d'huez and Mont Ventoux in France this year ... I think this is really possible cos I have been training at accelerating up hills to build my stamina .. on hills that B tells me are the same sort of gradient .. only you have to do it for two solid hours! LOL

I've never actually cycled an alpine climb b4 - tho I've done the foothills of mont ventoux and seen them all in the car - domestique-ing for brigid .. well now she'll have to peel the bananas for me!