Sunday, 29 November 2009

walking wellie-count

Slight variation on usual style, am going to keep editing this thread to tally up my stepper for a month .. then do one a month during the treatment ...

Went in for first chemo treatment from Tues - Thursday 24th 26th Nov

Number of walks round lake since operation = 4
1. on me own, b4 chemo Mon 23rd Nov.
2. with Mand on Friday, 27th Nov.
3. with B, Sunday, 29th Nov.
4. on me own, Tuesday, 1st Dec.
(I thought it was going to be icy, but by time I got out, could really have gone on bike: no ice left! but had eye on Christmas shopping too!)

Have got a battery and resurrected the stepper - ridiculously low score, cos I didn't really go out, Thursday 3rd Dec .. 3,300 ... need to do better than that!

Friday 4th Dec: 10, 800.First walk around lake with stepper on ... Not bad but thought it would be more!

Sat 5th Dec: 6,500

Sun 6th Dec: 4, 200

Monday 7th Dec: 7,200 - good considering I didn't go out!

Tuesday's score went over 14,000 - but that wasn't really walking, cos I was on the bike .. so the count is unreliable, sometimes pedal strokes count, and sometimes they dont -- hmm, might work better with counter on sock instead of waist-band ... ?

Wednesday 9th Dec: 10,700 - pretty good, amassed in car parks of various shops and around town.

Thursday 10th Dec: only 3,500 -- but I was very low-key cos the last two days and the 2nd swine flu jab really wore me out, and I needed to rest today.

Friday 11th Dec: 10,700 -pretty good, and goes to show how much walking I do when I pop up town.

Sat 12th Dec: 9,200 - this included a delightful little climb up on the Roaches, such a bright sunny day, and with lovely friends too.

Sunday 13th Dec: 12,300 - round the Italian gardens and 1/2 the lake today. More sun and more great fun with the two jays.

Monday 14th Dec: 7,500

Tues 15th Dec: 4,300 - in hospital, dunno how it got so high?

Weds 16th Dec: 1,200 - in hospital, in bed mostly!

Thurs 17th Dec: c. 3000? can't remember, but we did walk a bit when I got out of hospital

Fri 18th Dec: 7,100 ... seems low considering Mand and I went round the gardens and the lake and the shops today, at Trentham!

Sat 19th Dec: 10,200. Good walk up the back to Thursfield's Garden Centre, to get replacement mistletoe. Lovely walk with bits of snow and ice on the roadside, but not too treacherous underfoot.

Sun 20th Dec: 9,700 another good walk up the lane and yomping over the moors in the snow. A big YAY for ski pants! They almost looked at home with snow on them!

Mon 21st Dec: 3, 300. Paltry, was quite tired again today

Tues 22nd Dec: 9,100. Mainly accumulated doing our "big shop" in Sainsbo's!

Weds 23rd Dec: 6,800

Thurs 24th Dec:

Fri 25th Dec:

Saturday, 21 November 2009

Back on The Bike

Yay - not quite 6 weeks since the operation, but thought it was OK since we were only going on the flat ..

We drove out to Okeover and did ten miles up the Tissington Trail ... took about an hour and there were very few other people about.
We had lunch at the Okeover Arms, a great pub with a lovely landlord and landlady if you are ever near Ashbourne, their food is excellent.

This week my weight was still 11st 12, which is GOOD.
I celebrated this with cheese and bacon oatcake for breakfast and panini and chips for lunch at the pub!
.. oh well, I wont be eating much this week when I am in hospital for nearly three days!
Other major news this week is that I drove myself out to Trentham and walked all around the lake, proving to myself that I CAN go all around very easily AS WELL AS the great issue of getting myself out on my own too .. so YAY!

A good week ...

Tuesday, 17 November 2009


Five weeks since the operation.

Pleased to note that I am still under 12 stone and not piling weight on due to inactivity .. it's hard when you're at home all day not to snack a lot .. I keep saying I'm going to eat fruit if I want to snack ... hmmm

My target weight is 11 stones and I really would like to get there, it's important when you're losing weight to have a goal, and that is mine... even though progress has been slowed right down the past three months or so, it is still going down, bit at a time.

We walked a fair bit in Llandudno this weekend, several times up and down the promenade, and one long haul up the gardens (Happy Valley, is it really called that!?) and along the top of the Orme to the very summit ... it's not exactly Mont Ventoux, but it is quite steep, in parts and I enjoyed the climb. Even better: it was sunny and we didn't need the ski pants!

What is amazing about eating out is the way menus conceal huge amounts of calories. OK - you expect cream if you order a pudding but when you order salmon and cabbage you dont expect the cabbage bit to be more bacon and cream than cabbage, do you? Well I didn't .. on reflection it did say "creamed" cabbage on the menu, but literally two spoons of shredded cabbage and three spoons of cream ...

on the other hand it was delicious and went amazingly well with the fish!


Wednesday, 4 November 2009


OK - it's not much on the great scale of things, but I am determined to keep moving more through this lot of treatment than I did last time, for all sorts of reasons.

To this end I need to go out on my own and walk, and when I am fit enough to ride again, to ride on my own.

I managed to do get out and walk on Monday and again today. This is a massive achievement because getting myself up and out on my own is hard for me. I feel VERY GOOD!

I try to kid myself it's cos I am sociable and like a companion for my activity, but I think the truth is that I quickly revert to lazy when I am on my own without someone encouraging me to move!

haha ...