Tuesday, 17 November 2009


Five weeks since the operation.

Pleased to note that I am still under 12 stone and not piling weight on due to inactivity .. it's hard when you're at home all day not to snack a lot .. I keep saying I'm going to eat fruit if I want to snack ... hmmm

My target weight is 11 stones and I really would like to get there, it's important when you're losing weight to have a goal, and that is mine... even though progress has been slowed right down the past three months or so, it is still going down, bit at a time.

We walked a fair bit in Llandudno this weekend, several times up and down the promenade, and one long haul up the gardens (Happy Valley, is it really called that!?) and along the top of the Orme to the very summit ... it's not exactly Mont Ventoux, but it is quite steep, in parts and I enjoyed the climb. Even better: it was sunny and we didn't need the ski pants!

What is amazing about eating out is the way menus conceal huge amounts of calories. OK - you expect cream if you order a pudding but when you order salmon and cabbage you dont expect the cabbage bit to be more bacon and cream than cabbage, do you? Well I didn't .. on reflection it did say "creamed" cabbage on the menu, but literally two spoons of shredded cabbage and three spoons of cream ...

on the other hand it was delicious and went amazingly well with the fish!



Red Bike said...

My memory of the Great Orme is that its very steep. (I suppose there's various ways up)

I'm glad that you're starting to feel a bit better.

suze said...

yes it is pretty steep, you get a good view our very quickly .. we went on foot from the pier up through the gardens and by the side of the ski-slope thingy .. in the past I've scrambled over the rocks from the gardens, but with due respect for the big scars in my belly I limited myself to the pre-mapped out paths!