Saturday, 21 November 2009

Back on The Bike

Yay - not quite 6 weeks since the operation, but thought it was OK since we were only going on the flat ..

We drove out to Okeover and did ten miles up the Tissington Trail ... took about an hour and there were very few other people about.
We had lunch at the Okeover Arms, a great pub with a lovely landlord and landlady if you are ever near Ashbourne, their food is excellent.

This week my weight was still 11st 12, which is GOOD.
I celebrated this with cheese and bacon oatcake for breakfast and panini and chips for lunch at the pub!
.. oh well, I wont be eating much this week when I am in hospital for nearly three days!
Other major news this week is that I drove myself out to Trentham and walked all around the lake, proving to myself that I CAN go all around very easily AS WELL AS the great issue of getting myself out on my own too .. so YAY!

A good week ...


suze said...

how great are those gloves?

and also, how great is B carting a flask of coffee about, even though we're only going ten niles! hehe ..

Red Bike said...

I'm glad to see that you're back out riding.

I rather like the Tissington trail, but only when i've got it too myself.

suze said...

yes, it's a lovely open aspect on that trail, and it is mostly empty in the winter!