Wednesday, 4 November 2009


OK - it's not much on the great scale of things, but I am determined to keep moving more through this lot of treatment than I did last time, for all sorts of reasons.

To this end I need to go out on my own and walk, and when I am fit enough to ride again, to ride on my own.

I managed to do get out and walk on Monday and again today. This is a massive achievement because getting myself up and out on my own is hard for me. I feel VERY GOOD!

I try to kid myself it's cos I am sociable and like a companion for my activity, but I think the truth is that I quickly revert to lazy when I am on my own without someone encouraging me to move!

haha ...


Red Bike said...

I often find the hardest of a walk/ride is getting through the front door.

suze said...

haha red bike - I dont believe you - you are SUPER fit! or I take inspiration that even the super-fit have to get over the first hurdle ... thanks

Karen Popplewell said...

I agree. For me, getting kit on and out the door is the hardest bit sometimes.