Sunday, 7 October 2007

inside and out

Managed to do these while I was inside on the drip, which I think is quite good, Tuesday 2nd to Thurs 4th Oct.

Very impressed with myself to have been able to do these on Friday, partly round Hanley and partly alongside the Lake at Trentham where I met B after work. They've started to shut the Italian Garden bit at 4 so we couldn't get in there.

Was feeling much more tired on Saturday, and although we went to Tittesworth I didn't walk very far and got very tired. In any case was saving myself for the night at the theatre.

Notice how quickly I've lost track of the count of the days! haha!

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Anonymous said...

Well yes I did a few steps round the hospital, I was shatterd almost had to ask for a spare bed, wasnt sure if it was a half marothon or a full one we did, you were alright you had the drip to hang onto.
Bye for now lots of love L M xxxxx