Monday, 15 October 2007

Food Planning

so actually I *AM* quite good at this --
it's maintanence I never manage!

I've been thinking about what to do .. knowing what my own habits are tells that that these are the changes I need to make ... this is for my records more than anyone else's, but I'm gonna put it in here anyway .. feel free not to bother reading it!

Reduce overall calories intake :
easiest wasys:put booze back in its box .. strictly a weekend treat (and if mates come round in the week)

stop buying butter / biscuits / gu puddings!

order with care when eating out - no chips, no cream. Order plain cuts of meat/fish .. avoid "composite dishes like lasagne and skip the salad-bar (always have hidden fats in them!)

cook using stock rather than frying

keep an eye on milk intake (too many milky coffees)

increase volume of vegetables in every meal

stick to portions of carbs - 8oz spud / 2oz uncooked rice or dried pasta

increase healthiness of food intake

fruit smoothie or porridge for breakfast (do the shopping for this)

veggie soup for lunch (watch out for excess toast here)

normal tea with B - pasta / meat / chicken / fish etc .. increase fish content generally

keep an eye on getting a rainbow in soups / smoothies

eat daily vitamin supplement

drink plenty of water / fruit teas

increase activity level
keep up with the stepper

re-join the gym and go three mornings a week - to an organised class

get bike out of cold storage and use to go to with B on canal path at w/ends -- build up to normal rides again next Spring!

ration my time in the computer (erk)

Verging on the cranky

Consider doing the cancer-diet from super-foods book?
I did lose a couple of stones last summer using the bowel health diet from that book - and it does mean I dont have to think if I just eat their regime -- but it's quite labour intensive and fiddly ... and it is not flexible for eating out and friends visiting ... hmmmmm

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julie said...

great plan.