Tuesday, 16 October 2007

food 1

yesterday I started my healthy eating do-dah again.

Breakfast - toast with lemoncurd (no butter)

Lunch - home-made leek and potato soup for me and Liz ... with some left over for later in the week. ( No extra carbs)

Snacks - banana, two shortbread biscuits, milk in some drinks (now taking black coffee with sweetner)

Dinner - smoked mackerel, brown bread, broccoli and dip made from low fat mayo, horseradish and finely chopped onion -- (this is nicer than it sounds!)

Breakfast - smoothie from very ripe banana, pear and pineapple juice (this is VERY sweet!) 1/2 slice toast with marmite

Lunch - home-made soup, from tomato with roasted yellow pepper and roasted garlic (this is gorgeous and left a bit for sauce with dinner tonight)

Snacks: some milk in hot drinks, two hovis crackers, two shortbread biscuits, broccoli adn yesterday's dip.

Dinner: roasted chicken (leg) baked spud, spinach, bit of tom sauce (soup!)

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