Thursday, 18 October 2007

step count 5

Today's food
The most yummy smoothy with fresh orange juice made using our lovely juicer and then a good dollop of raspeberries and a few ice cubes whizzed up in blender ... absolutely delicious!
small bit of toast with cheese spread and marmite

TINNED soup - but nice, from organic farm shop, red pepper and lentil
two bits of toast and peanut butter (spread v.v.thinly!)

Roast chicken, jacket spud (only I don't eat the jacket!) carrot, parsnip, sweet potato.

Snacks: milk in tea, two shortbread fingers, TOTAL greek yog (not low fat so B will be pleased)

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Anonymous said...

Well your holidays really done you good,Im pleased the weather was fine and you were able to get out.Also that you were able to do some long cycle rides I think you are a star.Brigid was able to do some running and cycling as well so its been really good for both of you.
Bye for now L M xxxxx