Friday, 28 September 2007

excellent news

I've been out walking with an internet pal today and it turns out that she is a regular at "my" gym on certain weekdays .. now this suits me fine cos the keep fit thing had very much included the idea of going back to the gym (regulars might remember how kind they were to me when I just wanted a very short membership last winter, b4 my operation .. )

I really enjoyed the classes I attended and I thought that the regular ppl who went to the day time classes were very friendly and sociable, and now it turns out I'm internet mates with one of the day-time regulars .. !

this means that I'm even more excited than I was about the idea of being able to get back into my gym and do a few classes again ..


Day Three - Thursday - pretty good.

Day Four- Friday,
sort of surprised that this is the lowest of the week cos I was out walking in some lovely gardens, and it just goes to show ambling about isn't so "busy" as striding to the shops and back!


julie said...

it's not just the striding to the shops it's the weight training of lifting all those shoe boxes that does the trick

suze said...


I'm amazed no one asked me for photos of my walking boots! And now they are all muddy !