Thursday, 27 September 2007

Fitness Campaign

Ok - this is an idea I knicked from my mate Ann in Bristol .. trying to increase my mobility and ultimately my fitness I have started to wear my stepper again .. the aim is a minimum of 10,000 steps a day.

I'm planning to photograph it every day, to motivate myself ..
Friends and family who want to get fit too can join in .. you could post your own stepper pictures to a blog or to a photo-site like photobucket, flikr, facebook, etc and post links to your images in here! or not

I'm quite happy to do it on my own!

this was my first day - Tuesday - a walk to the local post office, Co-Op and abbatoir are enough to add over 5000 steps - which is good cos I've done that walk many times during my illness .. which is only 1/2 the target .. but glass 1/2 full is better than nothing!

Second day - mainly picked up walking around Hanley - but it is a bit of a bad idea to get your steps "up town" - spent too much in ths shops, really!


AnneInBristol said...

hey! this is so good! I shall be happy to join in, after my holiday next week - which will involve much walking up and down Exmoor hills, along the coast, in and out of the pub .... photos all the way of course! (my step counter has posed in some strange places)

suze said...

I love seeing your stepper "poses" and that's why I went for the newspaper-ploy

- cos you already had the best idea!

anneinbristol said...

awww you soppy flatterer, you!

Your 15,000+ steps is far better than my usual average of 12,000


suze said...

hey ann - if you get a blog identity you can edit this blog with me and post your "poseur" stepper shots in here too !

hahahahahahaha - yet another on-line chore!

julie said...

I have thought long and hard about this and have decided that given your potential chemo nausea I shall resist the urge to share any images of me engaging in midlife crisis dance classes. A fellow dancer/prancer recommended to me the other night that I should avoid at all costs buying a DVD of the Christmas show that we are preparing for - she seemed to feel it would shatter all of my illusions.

suze said...

damn you Julie - I now have a thin film of sprayed lemonade all over my key board and screen -

sort of projectile spluttering!

oh purleeeez get some photos

AnneInBristol said...

blimey! another chance of internet posing, hehe - well I shall have a go when I get back - which will be very necessary - I've already eaten a tub of hummus, half a tub of paté and a tub of prawns (with 1/2 bottle wine) for tea and haven't even arrived in North Devon yet.

So glad you've found an gym comrade, I'm so glad this has come together for you :-)

best wishes for now


julie said...

hope it was natural lemonade no artificial stuff - those hidden calories are everywhere you know.
Anyway I'm not sure why you found it so funny I thought it was rather a cruel and not very supportive comment. I shall now do a move that was previously known as'flounce'but now likes to be known as 'ball change into grapevine' believe me this is all true!!!

suze said...

"ball change into grapevine" sounds very good -- you can teach it me next time we meet - though I'm sure you won't be giving up flouncing!

julie said...

Listen I have a talent for flouncing and as my attitude to life is that if you are lucky enough to find a strengh then it's best to stick with it - so yes the fluouncing will continue!!!

julie said...

The extra 'u' was obviously a subconscious inclusion of the additional dance steps that will now become part of my set 'flounce' routine

Anonymous said...

Well I may get a step out gadget justto prove to you lot Im never still,mind Winnie says they dont work when you are doing chores round the house.How does the gadget know you are only in the house.Bye for now L M xxxxxxxx

suze said...

mum - it *does* work when you are walking around the house!

why not get one? and then get the photos uploaded, you can be part of the Fit Team!


julie said...

you could even walk to the shop to buy it Mum