Friday, 16 November 2007


have been busy this week, but not really clocked up many steps, too long in the car.

Today, though, I was back at the gym. I'd hoped to do a circuits class, but cos the teacher had changed it was a different routine and I thought it was to technical for my stage of progress .. so I went and did spinning instead ... this is like being on a bike, but harder work than what I've done on the real one, cos no free-wheeling and no down hill!

I was definitely sweating quite hard quite early on (yes Jan, I am keeping up my fluid intake!) I enjoyed it and felt right pleased with myself afterwards and had a chicken baguette in their cafe for lunch.

As for other food and drink this week ... hopeless I reckon. Free lunch out yesterday led to eating a fair bit, and generally I'venot been not sticking to the plan which means I've probably not lost any more weight yet! hey ho ...

One thing I did think, tho, wheeling my trolley of veg around the supermarket today, I HAVE stuck to the resolve of not buying any more of those GU puds .. small consolation when I think I ate apple crumble and cream at Mark's for tea-time and then again for BREAKFAST!

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julie said...

GU puddings are just sooooooo good though.