Tuesday, 20 November 2007


So, despite doing spinning at the gym on Friday, a couple of hours out on the bike on Saturday and the Manifold Valley thing on Sunday we find that sundry puddings, dollops of cream, lemon drop cocktails and chocolates WILL prevail and put weight on me!

Oh dear .. a sorry one pound put on this week. I blame my friends .. they bring these things into my house and I can't refuse their generosity, can I now!

I am currently boiling bones to make a thin soup to eat today in a bid to undo the lost ground ...


Anonymous said...

Did my exercise walking round monkey world today.
Im not sure how many miles that is but I feel fatigued.
Anyway pleased you are managing the gym and a lot of cycling, Im sure its doing you good .
Bye for now L M xxxxxxxxx

Anonymous said...

boiling bones yum yum now theres a treat just waiting to happen, julie