Monday, 12 November 2007

Manifold Valley

We had the most lovely day out in the Manifold Valley yesterday .. B running and me on the bike again. We did ten miles in 1hr 30 minutes, so we're both pleased with ourselves.

This page has some representative picutres:

We actually went along this bit, under Thor's cave:
I was also slightly amazed to find I lost another two pounds this week, despite eating rather more than the diet plan most of the time .. I guess mid-week D+V helped!
Then today I did my first aerobics class at the gym. Not quite as exhilirating as being ouside on the bike, but it was a great moment for me, and I really enjoyed it.


Anonymous said...

Doing well with your weight loss, I need to lose a bit myself.
The pictures are very nice Its nice to cycle through the trees.
Toby and Joe have just gone we fetched them from school.Bye for now L M xxxxxx

julie said...

shall I hold you to that Mum?

suze said...

haha - watch what you say mum!