Saturday, 17 November 2007

Personal Best

It was quite sunny here this morning so we decided to go out on the local canal along towards Hanley Park .. it's amazingly scenic along some of that stretch ... then we decided that instead of going back the same way we'd go to the canal junction and pick up the other canal towards the Britannia Stadium and then drop back through Heron Cross and Fenton on the road..

We've been out on the bikes for nearly 2 hours adn I ahve totally jelly legs now cos we veered off the canal path and took in a few hills on that route - ARGHHH what was I thinking! ? !

I feel really tired but smiley too - need a radox bath now.

B has bought me one of those heart monitor things so I can see my heart rate - it pootles along "in the aerobic zone" on the canal but shoots up alarmingly when I go up a slope .. it's good cos it makes me realise how hard I'm working and I allow myself to go slower and recover more!

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