Monday, 16 February 2009

1/2 term

I've lost three and 1/2 stones since my operation in June last year, which has been a good steady loss of about 2 pounds a week, most weeks.

This has been going good, but last week I had a blip, with no loss at all, mainly induced by too much snacking on sweet treats at work. I was glad to get to half term, cos my missis will keep a good eye on me and get me back on track.

To this end we are being very busy, gardening on Saturday, a few miles up and down the Tissington trail on Sunday and a staggering 25 miles today .. well I was staggering by the time we got back .. we were out for nearly three hours, non-stop and the reason it was a fairly low average speed is cos we did some good hills. In particular I stayed on for most of the climb up to Lask Edge from Rudyard ... not an easy climb. It was worth it though, the views from there are really good, you can see out all around across past Mow Cop into Cheshire on one side, and across to Morridge on the other side, and the Cloud behind . lovely.. especially as the weather was kind to us, no rain and quite bright mlost of the time we were out, really.

We had tomato soup and homemade bread for lunch when we got back, very tasty. Then we had jacket spud and a sort of waldorf salad with radishes and no mayo... it is really nice. If I carry on being this strict I reckon I'l be back on target at the next weigh in.

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