Friday, 9 January 2009

cauli curry

half a sweet potato - cubed
small cauliflower - small florets

large onion finely sliced
tin of tomatoes

ghee or veg oil (small as you can)
four cloves garlic
slice of ginger - finely chopped together

tsp ground coriander
tsp mustard seeds
2 tsp turmeric

boil the sweet spud for about ten minutes, when starting to soften add the cauli and boil both till soft

meanwhile fry garlic and ginger till soft
add spices and fry a bit more
add tinned tomatoes and mix well .. might need a drop of water as well

when veg are soft drain them and add to tomatoe sauce ... at this point you could serve straight away, but I put it in the oven on gas 4 to blend more and soften so the cauli was a soft as butter .. and really good to eat

served this with spinach and a left over jacket pototo which I cut into small cubes and cooked together with a bit more ghee and some chilli, fennel seeds and a pinch of powdered cardomom .....

this is an inspired spice combo, suggested to me from a diferent Madhur Jaffries recipe

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