Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Gently does it ..

I ducked out of the first planned training ride with the whole Team Ventoux -- I was too tired, etc etc weather etc. etc and then  Mand and Pete ducked out of it too .. although the mighty B and her faithful acolyte, Sam, soldiered on through the snow up on Axe Edge.

hope to get a little video of this here soon ...

This week, Andy and I went out on Tuesday March 6th.  Just a little run  out on the path to the other side of Chester.  Nice, but tired me, really a LOT!

2 hours 36 minutes,
46.3kms (for some reason the odo is in kms?!? that is nearly 30 miles) 
average 17.7.kph, which is only 10 mph .. rather feeble!  
max 44 kph (about 27 mph).

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