Wednesday, 21 March 2012


I am pleased to report that I am cycling quite a bit now.  Yes, a couple of my plans for Sunday rides have had to be cancelled for health reasons, but overall I am regaining some strength and had a lovely run out with Mr K yesterday, enjoying the unseasonable WARMTH!

We left here at 12 and got back at 6.30.  We managed to get to West Kirby.  On the way back we used a train for about 15 minutes, and did some dossing about and very slow peddaling, but feel really good to have been able to manage this ride again.

 It is largely flat, along the West Wirral way which is pretty, great views out across the estuary to Wales as you get near to the end but there are some grimmer bits to do around Ellesmere Port.

Reckon we must have done about 40 miles.

Last Tuesday Mr K introduced me (and B) to a ride back from B's school along the River Weaver and the Whitegate way to Cuddington, and then we came back through Norley and Kingsley.  It is my new fave ride around here, the Whitegate track is lovely.  B and I did it after work on Monday too.  I have left the odometres at home, but is must be at least 20 miles round trip with a few bits of climbing on the sections nearest to here.

B is delighted to have had two rides after work with me ... and we are thinking that when I am stronger and the nights are longer we can extend this ride through the Delamere forest and up Dark Ark Lane.

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