Monday, 1 February 2010

February Fitness FACTS

Appear to have lost 2 pounds in January. Not bad considering the lethargy of being in hospital twice, and strong pull of comfort eating in the winter snow and hearing friends with bad health news ...

Monday 1st Feb Did an hour's aerobics class this morning.

tues 2nd - thurs 4th INSIDE

Friday 5th Feb did the spinning class.

Saturday 6th Feb, bike ride out on the Tissington Trail,
Time: 1hr 30minutes
Dist: 14.5 miles
Ave: 9.7 mph
Max 20.1mph

Sunday 7th Feb, walked around Upton Hall and Carsington Water, tho not that much, v. tired!

Monday 8th Feb, aerobics class

Tuesday 9th Feb walked round Trentham Lake with Mr Woolf

Wednesday 10th Feb DROVE to Brum, not much walking!

Thursday 11th Feb Shopping and stuff, probably quite a few steps, need to get a new stepper!

Friday 12th Feb. Tired after hard night. skipped spinning class. .. . .. :-(

Saturday 13th Feb bike ride along mainly canal to Rode Hall to see snowdrops
Time: 2hr 40 minutes
Dist: 28 miles
Ave: 10.4mph
Max 23.1 mph

Appear to have put back on previously lost 2lbs ... hey ho, all this activity is being offset with pub lunches and bagels!

Sunday - 14th Feb - Romantic Valentiene's Day in Llandudno. Cycle round the Orme, by the coast to Conwy then inland towards Betsy Co-ed! Lovely lovely lovely
Time 2 hours 24
Dist 23.9 miles
Ave 9.8
Max 32.3 (steep descent off the Orme!)

Monday 15th Feb would you believe my blooder computer packed up, but we did the same as yesterday only went to Conwy marina instead of inland, got wet so only did 20 miles in total.

Tuesday 16th Feb. Amazing ride out from Conwy on B road all the way to Betwy Coed. Brilliant ride, some cheeky hills incl 1 in 9 out of Conwy. Computer still not working, but B clocked it as 38 miles. Mr K joined us and it was a fab day out. We even got a bit of sun on the return.

Weds 17th Feb. Bit too icy to risk the Orme on bikes, so we walked up there and yomped about for an hour before breakfast.

weds-fri 19th back inside - very poorly and actually had to stay in until saturday to re-hydrate .. this set the tone for the next week .. not very well really

DID, however go round Trentham in Monday 22nd Feb

Tues 23rd went out to Rode Hall with B's mum, shortish walk.

basically pretty rough for the rest of the week and not able to exercise - Feb was not a Fab month for exercise!


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