Sunday, 17 January 2010

bike stats

Sunday Jan 17th -
at last, some sunshine and the end of that endless white stuff ...

managed to do some climbing today, for the first time since September! - ok not much, but up Ash Bank and along a few ridges up there in the direction of Longsdon .. then back thro Bagnall (stopping at the pub for lunch!!) and home downhill.

Time: 1hr 28 minutes
Dist: 14.5 miles
Ave: 9.7 mph
Max 29.7 mph

sweet .. going to have a nice bath and then B will give me a massage, later ... even better!

Monday 18th Jan -
same route as yesterday, but with no doubling back .. so a mile shorter!
Time: 1hr 24 minutes
Dist: 13.5 miles
Ave: 9.6 mph
Max 28.8 mph

feels great to be doing a bit outside, it wasn't exactly sunny, but at least it didn't rain!

Friday 29th Jan. Only 2.25 miles on the real bike, but that took me there and back to the gym where I did a spinning class for 45 minutes .. which was good, cos it was BITTERLY cold and I doubt I would have got out without the indoor element !

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