Tuesday, 1 December 2009

post-chemo cycling stats

Nov 30th - first ride out on my own, along canal to Etrutria museum
Weather: blue sky, might have collected some vitamin D!
9.78 miles, ave speed: 10.6, max: 19.9, time: 55 minutes.

Weds 2nd Dec. along to cousin Poe's, across rough track to Fenton, bobbed into college, down to canal and home. Sunny again! Whoo, nearly took my gloves off (but resisted)
11.16 miles, ave speed: 9.3, max: 20.6, time: 1hr 12 mins.
Feel great.

Tues 8th Dec. Due to domestic-fire-drama we didn't cycle together at the weekend, but I resolved to go to the hospital for blood test on bike today. Worked out really well.
Took direct route down Leek Rd, through Stoke and up Clayton Lane to the hospital, but chose a great scenic route back. Down through the lane to Trentham, across A34 to the cycle path they've made which joins to the Canal .. along the canal to the station, then a bit on Leek Rd before diving off on the urban park and lanes from Joiner Square to Berryhill. I hope to do this every time I'm going for blood tests . . . it was really lovely.

16.6 miles, ave speed: 10.6, max: 25.1, time: 1hr 33 minutes.


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