Wednesday, 30 December 2009

Face the Fat FACTS!

I'm sure it is better to get back on track asap rather than put my head in the sand for another few weeks of the winter and let the chub build up to epic proportions! .....

so today I braved myself to get back on the scales, and as I feared ..... 12st 7lbs!

I think an honest reflection on why this has happened will help me to sort out what to do ... so here's my december review.

It IS partly cos of my treament, but I cannot let that stnad as the whole story, cos that would be to ignore these other facts, so here it is ...

Puddings: several consumed, lemon tart with icecream, xmas type with brandy butter .. hmm

Christmas cake: not huge amounts, but the wife eats more of it and she has put on 9 pounds so that's a clue!

General portion size: neglected altogether where scrupulopus care is needed on carbs and BUTTER!

Eating out: far too often and choosing things that don't really fit in the programme,.

Cheese: I am going to stop buying this again, I eat it when I get out of hospital when my taste buds are all askew and I feel really sick, but I need to find something with less calories to fill that need.

Drinks: - I still dont touch alcohol, but think the sugar in the cordials I've been getting is probably an easy thing to cut out again.

Sweets and chocs: far fewer than most years, which makes me think I ususally put on more than 1/2 a stone in December!

Meat: far more than usual, immediately bumps both calories in itself compared to a veg-based meal, and seems to encourage more fatty accesories ..


Krista said...

Best of luck in your treatments and getting well again! Good to see you keeping up motivation to stay active :) Very inspiring.

Mum said...

Sue did over 5000 steps yesterday most days do between 4500 to 5000,will get more when I start to use the bus again going to Weymouth.Didnt put it on today but will let you know how I get on .Bye for now L M. xxxxxxx

suze said...

well done mum - I'm pleased you're doing this stepper thing with me

I am like you in as much as I can accumulate over 1000 steps in a morning just walking around in the house putting things away .. I tend to take one thing at a time and thus walk a long way!

Thanks for your support, Krista!