Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Training Rides

As a personal goal and motivation to keep up my fitness we are aiming to do Mont  Ventoux again,  this summer. We will be doing it  as a team with Sam,  Mandy and Pete, to raise money for the Dougie Mac hospice.

Over the Feb 1/2 term B and I did a few miles in Wales.  Felt very good considering I've been  three months more or less off the bike. Not to forget the major lung surgery in January 2012.  haha ..

Sat Feb 25th:  Sam, Suze and B went out to Longnor for my first climb.  Doing hard battle with the wind we managed up to Axe Edge from the village  ..  it's a lovely circular ride, only 12 miles all in, but it is a slow steady climb and perfect starting point  for the big ride in the Summer.

Training Ride profile


Sam said...

Lung op... ha.

(I should explain.... Not that lung ops are funny per se, just that in discussing overall barriers to fitness last week, we all forgot the small matter of lung surgery!)

suze said...

Ha, I agree it was funny .. I have got this business of compartmentalising stuff pretty much sorted, really!