Thursday, 6 May 2010

Cycle medals

B and I are really excited that Aaron has taken up cycling in a big way. He is very keen and has started to race. He cycled in the Kilmallock Hub 10km recently and came 4th!

That was his first race, and apparently he went pretty much like a bat out of hell for the entire 10km. He has been shopping around for a new racing bike, and we hope he has many happy hours cycling, ahead of him, racing and otherwise!


B.B. said...

what a great little Lance you are.

I can't wait to go out for a ride with you - I hope I can keep up with you!

Anonymous said...

Wow you must be so proud of yourself Aaron, well done Julie (Susan's sister)

Anonymous said...

Aaron,I think you did really well to get a cycling meddle,you look like a professional with your helmet on.I bet your Mum and Dad were very proud of you, I was,Im Susans Mum in England.
Keep going with your cycling Aaron lots of love Paulinexxxxxxx

Anonymous said...

Julie / Pauline,

Thanks for your kind messages for Aaron.

He is delighted with all the attention and asked me to thank you. Susan and BB are his cycling heroes. He has spends lots of time looking at the lovely photo of Susan on the French climb. This has forced us to help him buy a real racing bike which arrived yesterday!! He now wants all the know kids....and of course his twin brother now wants the same bike!!

My Mum is here in Ireland at the moment and says hello to you both. We have the boys Communion this weekend...a big day in Ireland. Was onto Susan earlier and she seemed to be doing OK. Hopefully only one more to go.

Kind regards,

Dave (and Aaronxx)

Anonymous said...

Aaron, whos the lucky boy with a new racing cycle, seems to me you were able to go very fast on your other bike, anyway I hope you have many happy rides on your new bike.I bet your nan Janice is having a nice time with you all give her our love.Bye for now Paulinexxxxxxx

Anonymous said...

Aaron is obviously as talented at picking worthy heroes as he is at cycling. BB and Susan are both good acts to follow aren't they, Julie

Anonymous said...

Aaron have you been on your bike, this half term holiday.

We have had some very dry days here in Dorchester so I hope it was nice for you in Ireland, and not to hot to cycle.

We went to see the monkeys at Dorset Monkey World on Friday,it was a little bit to hot to walk round so we didnt stay to long.

Hope your new cycle is going O.k. for you, did your brother manage to get one to. Bye for now love from Paulinexxxxxxx

suze said...

look - aaron gets more comments than me!

I hope you're enjoying your new bike, aaron .. we were so sad not be with you this year in this 1/2 term, we had such a great time with you last year . . . .

But still, it seems the chemo has done its job,along with all the prayers and candles too, I'm sure .. so now I can have a break from treatment and get back on my bikes ...

I am going to start a new forum where it might be easier to chat than it is in the blog, so keep an eye out on the main blog for news of that!

lots of love, aunty susan xxxxx