Sunday, 16 August 2009

mont ventoux - done


suze said...

ok the first pic aint mont ventoux - it's col de la columbiere, which was my first ever TdF climb -- so it needs to be on the top of the pics

but the rest are all me on ventoux .. 16.5 miles of non-stop climbing, and it took me 2 hours 40 minutes ..

it felt brilliant!

Red Bike said...


I love the way you've left the mud-guards and panniers on.
With 17miles of climbing ahead of me i would of been ditching everything possible

suze said...

I know - I'm a bit of a dipstick, really - I jsut keep plodding ..

See my partner carries loads of stuff - the skinny obys skip paste staring in disbelief!

I am looking to buy a new bike, for climbing purposes, and keep this one for my commuting. I'll not carry any excess on that.

what do you ride?

Red Bike said...

Most of the time I ride a Ridgeback solo world. As its used for commuting it's also ended up having the full compliment of guards, lights and rack attached.