Monday, 25 August 2008

Still shrinking

Woo - despite lots of holidaying, visiting and eating out I am keeping off the booze and thus my calorie count is OK enough to keep losing weight. It is slow, but sure, now a total of 21lbs since the operation date (June 1st).

I feel strong and we are doing stretches and exercises most mornings, so my muscles are toning up again. I popped into Greens to talk about getting back to the gym - and they are supposed to call me .. hmm .. stony silence so far!

Never mind, I have mapped out a new route to work which involves travelling a bit further, but using the canal for most of the way. They have nearly finished the improvements on the tow path which are really good with wide paving or tarmac for the entire section I need to use. I think I'll be able to use it all the time, as my hours are shorter and therefore I should be able to travel in daylight even in the depths of winter. I have bought a new cycling coat (after collecting about a pint of water INSIDE the last one when we cycled in heavy rain!) and some proper cycle tops. I look like the veritable skin on a cumberland sausage, but what the heck, it's the right gear for the job!


Mark said...

The rain sure was heavy in the Manifold Valley, and the scenery lovely. But it was you who made the biggest impression that day. You are FIT. (Fit for another fifty years I reckon). Really, it was just extraordinary to be able to be cycling with you. We will do that again.


suze said...

yeah - I hope you will do it again, with us ..

we did another 50 miles out there since you came with us .. two different variations on the route .. and mostly not in the rain, as it happens!