Sunday, 6 July 2008


Having an ileostomy reversal opens up the world of fibre eating again .. and I have decided to let the newly re-connected colon know who is in charge round here, and get it used to a healthy diet right from the start, while it is learning everything else ..

I guess this was a bit of a gamble, some ppl recommend a low-residue diet, but since my innards showed signs of settling down I thought I would risk it, and I am getting on great with a really full-on fruit and veg diet plan.

It's the one in the Super Foods book that B and I really like, and which we did in the Summer two years ago. Of course it couldn't cure the massive tumour, then, but it did make me very healthy in other ways before the treatment programme started ... and I am feeling great on it now ..

I am hoping to start up a bit more exercise again toot sweet .. so hopefully things will work and I wont have to fork out more and more on even bigger clothes!

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