Thursday, 6 December 2007


Grr - it's really got me down that I was feeling so great to be doing these things and somewhere along the line I've hurt some muscles around my hip and can't do anything much atm. I don't think it was my gym work, in fact, cos it started a few days after my last class.

It started mmediately after I was just doing a bit of dancing around the house last Sunday ... and I could hardly move on Monday! It has been agony but it is fading now .. and I think it'll be ok after a bit more rest .. but it's made me grumpy and fed up!


Anonymous said...

Sue it could have been the long haul down to Dorset, that upset your hip.I hope it soon goes better Lots of love L M xxxxx

Anonymous said...

more likely a change in posture than anything significant and surely not a reason to be put off considering future travel !!

Anonymous said...

I'm guessing that something else has your attention at the moment as I keep reading the same messages with few updates from you.
The DVD from the show has arrived - I appear to have aged 10 years and put on a significant measure of weight. This keep fit is not good for my self-esteem. After Christmas my New Years resolution will be to be a couch potato - i feel it could be destined for success (unlike my show career) Julie

suze said...

Julie - get off the coach!)